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The crane which fell in love

In the rubble of concrete, a crane had a desire...

And so one day, one fine day a crane fell in love with the sun.

And exactly at 4 past 45 every evening they use to meet.

Crane became concerned about Sun.

Is he trapped? Why does he have to go down every evening? Why is he so weak? Who is holding him back? Why can't he just refuse to go down the evening one day?

She felt concerned and caring for her lover.

'I must free him. I have the power to lift mountains and rock. Can't I pull my beloved from falling into night? Sure I can.

And then the crane tried and tried and tried. Day and Night. Nothing happened.

She couldn't move an inch without someone driving her.

How weak she was? She realized. Just like her beloved. Trapped.

And the crane waits every evening for the Sun to come and take her into night.

And they meet once a day, at 4 past 45.

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