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On social media activism

Journalist Gauri Lankesh was found murdered in September 2017. Social media erupted and then died.

And so After some tweets, and few posts Some candles and few hopes We will go back again To our world of smartphones And data speed Of how much data can one chew per second And how much venom can one spew per second

Android or IoS Amazon or Flipkart Tinder or Truly Madly My App versus Your App

And so We disperse ourselves in this virtual world Selling and buying and returning and wish listing Following and trending and blocking and chatting Swiping our cards, caressing softly Gorilla glasses of our smartphones

And fingertipping our desires.. Retailing Happiness

Back to Monday blues and Friday dressing (journalists excluded)

And back to late night drinking and dancing and gossiping (journalists included)

We get back to where it all started Some tweets and posts... Some candles and hope

And a murder.

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