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Now Showing, the Art of Living!

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Art of Living held the World Culture Festival on the Yamuna floodplains in Delhi in 2016.

First they will block your road But being a pure middle class and forced workaholic you will find a different route, But that route will be a diversion Which will only increase your palpitation And you thought metro will be a salvation But there is an unwanted orgy of men rubbing against men If not reaching, you might die of Asphyxiation Then you feel violation Your soul living in condemnation And then they tell you, What you have been doing till now is boring breathing Only a foreplay of diaphragm, up and down, in and out Up, down, in and out Enough..

They now tell you, breathe artistically Yesssir..Breathing is an Art, and so is Living And you use to think, its only chemical motivation? And before you feel further humiliation, At your own anatomical deprivation, And begin to doubt your own breathing, You rush to Art of Living!

First they block your road, And then they block your mind.

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